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About The Covenant Getaway Marriage Retreat
The Covenant Getaway Marriage Retreat is a Christian, 501(c)3  non-profit organization in Jacksonville, FL., established in 2012.  We host local events called continuing education which are free and marriage retreats quarterly for a nominal  fee. Visit our events page for  reviews  and upcoming  dates.

Our mission is to create an atmosphere where couples will get to invest in their marital relationship and experience good, clean fun.   At no point in the retreat will you or your spouse share any personal information with  any of the group or the hosts.  We cover topics such as teamwork, trust, forgiveness, sex, prayer,  purpose, communication and much much more.

You will spend time reflecting on and enhancing the qualities that caused you and your spouse to fall in love and marry in the beginning.  Our retreats are held in a secluded location, where you will experience intense one on one sessions that are designed to help you and your spouse focus on one another. TCG will provide practical tools that can be incorporated in your everyday lives.  We will help you  see how much God desires to bless your relationship.  In doing so, you and your spouse will be inspired to submit your marriage to God with great anticipation of what  He will do in it! 

TCG desires to bring restoration, joy, friendship and unconditional love into all marriages, but our ultimate goal is to help couples leave a legacy of  love and happiness to the relationships of their children and their children’s children. 
Committed to helping
couples achieve the   marriage of their    dreams